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ALL Refresher

How well do you remember the ALL basics? Check out this quiz.

Knowledge quiz
Questions 12
Criteria 75% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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Our Loyalty Program is already a success. How many members in total we have worldwide?

Approximately, how much revenue is being generated by the members?

Since the creation of our loyalty program, how many awards we have received so far?

It is said that Platinum members spend by how many times more than a none-member?

In Asia Pasific free breakfast is given starting from which tier?

In Middle East, Diamond and Limitless members can benefit from a free breakfast during?

What is All members rate?

What is the best price guarantee for all members?

Welcome drink voucher is given starting from which status or tier?

Limitless membership is only valid for how many years?

For FREE breakfast on weekend, benefit is applicable to?

What is a current spent of a Limitless member?

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