Africa Quiz 3

How good is your knowledge about the continent of Africa?

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Normal
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The Victoria Falls form a boundary between Zambia and which other African country?

Whereabouts are the African Ssese Islands?

Which city superseded Lagos as Nigeria's capital in 1991?

Which African country's capital city contains the historic symbol of the Cotton Tree growing in its centre?

Which African country lies on the east coast between Tanzania and South Africa?

Windhoek is the capital of which African country?

Which of these South African cities lies furthest east?

What is the annual spend per African on health?

Which of these African countries lies to the north of the Sahara Desert?

Which African country has been ruled by Colonel Gadaffi for almost 40 years?

99 per cent of which country's population live in a valley or delta of the River Nile?

Between which two countries does the Great Rift Valley stretch?

How wide are Africa's Victoria Falls?

In Kenya, in terms of a woman's total expected number of children what is the birth-rate in Kenya?

In which of these African countries could you see the Big Five safari animals?

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