Africa Quiz 2

From the Med to Cape Horn, a quiz on all aspects of Africa.

Knowledge quiz
Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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Which African country's motto is 'Let's work together'?

Which religion regards Africa as a spiritual state rather than a geographical place?

Of which North African country is Cairo the capital?

Which of these capital cities is in Africa?

Which of these countries is on the African continent?

How many children die each day in Africa as a result of preventable poverty?

In which African country is the Sinai Peninsula?

Which of these words is an anagram of an African country?

In which country did Robert Mugabe come to power in 1980?

Which was the last African country to become independent, doing so in 1990?

How did the black South African activist Steve Biko die aged just 30?

What, in Ethiopia, is a 'beg wot'?

Which African country's capital moved from Lagos to Abuja in 1991?

Which body of water laps the coast of Eritrea?

Which of these is South Africa particularly famous for being a source of?

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