Africa is diverse and enormous, but is your knowledge of it?

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Hard
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Which of these was NOT a former name of an African country?

In 2009, which leader said that condoms were not the answer to AIDS in Africa causing protests across the world?

What's the first name of Mr Tsvangirai who became Zimbabwe's Prime Minister in 2008?

Which Afircan country saw conflict in 2008 as Tutsi rebels led by Laurent Nkunda moved on the city of Goma?

Which African leader headed the February 2009 meeting of the intergovernmental organisation, the African Union?

Which party won the General Election in South Africa in 2009?

From which country did Algeria gain independence in 1962?

In which ocean does Madagascar lie?

What completes the name of the capital of Ethopia 'Addis ...'?

Which of these African countries has no coastline?

What's the former name of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe?

In which country is the source of Africa's great Limpopo river?

Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment for treason, but in which year?

The South African city of Kimberley is famous for producing which product?

Which African country was formerly called Nyasaland?

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