Author: Olivier

ACF Quizz 28/03/2020

Knowledge quiz
Questions 20
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Which year Action Contre la Faim was created?

Where was the first ACF mission?

What are the 4 Strategic axis of the oPt Logistics for 2020?

What is the previous name for WASH?

What is the eFMT?

What is the name of the ACF tool to change your ACF Account password?

How many projects are currently implemented across the mission?

Who spent on the overall the most time waiting at Erez crossing in 2019?

In 2019, the Jerusalem office did 696 trips by taxis. For how many percent of those trips we had a waiting time?

For some trips with taxis (from Erez or from airport), the first hour of waiting time is free. At the end, for all the 2019 taxi trips with waiting time to be paid, what is the average duration?

How many Security Incidents did the Mission reported in SIRO in 2019?

For 2019, what is the monthly average consumption or paper beam (500 pages) per person at Mission Level?

What is the ACF oPt total number of beneficiaries in 2019?

Where our Ope. Director is spending the lockdown?

Who is the biggest gossiper in Madrid HQ?

How do the Desk assign transversal tasks/attendance to meetings among each other?

Within the last 15 years, the nutritional approach switched from TFC (Therapeutic Feeding Center) approach to ?

When has ACF taken the lead of the Cash WG in Gaza?

Who is/are the best Dabkeh dancer(s) in Gaza Office?

What is Luca Sangalli position exactly?

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