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The Microsoft logo has four colored squares which represents its four major products, Which product symbolizes yellow ?

What are the examples of JavaScript framework ?

Choose all the correct options

Android is written using which languages ?

Choose all the correct options

What is the first phase of hacking?

Which country has the most number of robots ?

Which of the following are reasons that layering is applied in Android ?

Choose all the correct options

What is the full form of ROBOT ?

What is the example of python framework ?

What is the name of the parent company of google?

The hacker who utilizes technology to announce a social, ideological, religious, or political message ?

Where is 5G available in the world right now ?

Choose all the correct options

What is the company name of Bangalore-based startup specializing in video technology. The flagship product of this company is an automated lecture capture system ?

What is APK in android?

What is the use of <meta> tags in HTML ?

Choose all the correct options

What is the output of the following program in python ?

Choose all the correct options

What is the range of double ?

Which company acquired the mobile phone maker Motorola Mobility in 2012?

How to insert comments in Python code?

Choose all the correct options

With reference to Java, in ArrayList<String>, what is <String> here?

How to print a string in reverse in python ?

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