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Think you can tackle this quiz about all things connected with the 1980s?

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Of these, which was a world leader in the 80s?

Which movie was the highest grossing in the 80s?

Which of these was a bestselling novel in the 80s?

Who wrote 80s bestselling novel "The Covenant"?

Of these, which was a bestselling nonfiction book in the 80s?

What does the "M" in "MIDI", a system developed in the 80s, stand for?

Popular 80s toy "Wacky Wallwalker" looked like what?

Which of these was a prime minister of Italy in the 80s?

Of these, which was president of China for much of the 80s?

Which of these former British colonies became a republic in the 80s?

Of these, which was president of Mexico in the 80s?

Patrick Nagel was a popular 80s artist who was inspired by which kind of art?

Which entrepreneur launched Virgin Airways in the 80s?

Which 80s singer married a model called Yasmin?

Who burst onto the pop scene in the 80s wearing make-up and pretty frocks?

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