80's TV Quiz

Remember the television of the 1980s? Take this quiz and see what you remember.

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Who is the female star of the TV series Moonlighting in the 80s?

Big Ted and Little Ted were toy characters from which 80s childrens TV show?

Colt Seavers is the lead character in which 80s TV show?

Which kind of Pains were in the title of a very successful 80s TV show?

The ‘80s TV show ‘Bosom Buddies’ starred Peter Scolari and which Hollywood actor?

In the 70s/80s TV show The Incredible Hulk, who played Bruce Banner?

What is the branch of biology called that is devoted to the study of animals?

Who played The Hulk itself in the 70s/80s TV show?

The 80s TV show, 'The Wonder Years' was first set in which decade?

Which of these TV shows first aired in the 80s?

Which 80s TV show followed the Carringtons?

Richard Dean Anderson played which 80s TV role?

The 80s TV show The Wonder Years was first set in which decade?

Finish the title of this popular 80s TV show: ____ Rider.

What TV show about Danny Tanner and his family was very popular in the 80s?

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