60's Quiz 2

Show us what you know about the psychedlic 1960s with this quiz.

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Hard
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Which 60s British band sang about a 'Dedicated Follower of Fashion'?

Carnaby Street, famous in the 60s as a fashion center, is in which capital?

Which of these are flared pants, popularized in the 60s and 70s?

What was the name of the childcare expert whose ideas became popular in the 60s?

What was the first name of 60s model Ms Shrimpton?

Which of these was an influential British fashion designer in the 60s?

Which game was invented by Chuck Foley and Neil Rabens in the 60s?

Which of these is a design style made popular by hippies in the '60s and '70s?

Which of these, made from acrylic and polyester, first hit stores in the 60s?

Clothes made from what were produced for the public in the 60s?

Which company brought T-shirt and jeans to Milan during the 60s?

In 1968, who was the first to shoot in the 60s in all 4 rounds of a U.S. Open?

Which group had a hit with 'Fire Brigade' in the late 60s?

Who directed the 60s comedy-horror 'Dance of the Vampires'?

Who had a 60s chart hit with 'Cupid'?

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