60's Quiz

Even if you're not old enough to remember the Swinging 60s, see how you do with this quiz.

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Which 60s hit contains the line 'We meet every night at eight and I don't get home 'til late'?

Hilton Valentine was a member of which 60s group?

Which 60s hit opens 'Hearts gone astray, leaving hurt when they go'?

Which female actor starred in the 60s secret agent series 'The Champions'?

Complete the title of the 60s film starring Rita Tushingham: 'A Taste Of ...'

Which of these guitarists was once part of the 60s band The Yardbirds?

I'm A Believer' got to No.1 in the UK for this 60s act?

From which 60s chart topper does the line 'You get enough germs to catch pneumonia' come?

What was the name of the writing team behind many of the Four Tops' 60s hits?

Which of these singers was NOT in the charts in the 60s?

What was the first name of Garfunkel as in the 60s folk duo Simon and Garfunkel?

"During the 60s, which London street became synonymous with swinging music and fashion?"

Which of these great singers was part of the Motown stable in the 60s?

Which of these 60s groups was British?

Roger Daltrey was the lead singer with which band in the 60s?

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