40 Years in the Wilderness Bible Quiz (Android users only)

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How did Moses heal the bitter waters of Marah?

(Exodus 15:25)

What did God send to feed the murmuring children of Israel?

(Exodus 16:13-15)

What did the children of Israel call the bread?

(Exodus 16:15)

What brought forth water when Moses struck it?

(Exodus 17:6)

The army of Joshua (the children of Israel) prevailed against the army of Amalek as long as:

(Exodus 17:11)

Whose idea was it that Moses should delegate his responsibilities as leader of Israel?

(Exodus 18:15-22)

The Lord covenanted: "If ye will obey my voice indeed and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a __________ __________ unto me above all people;"

(Exodus 19:5)

Where did Moses receive the Ten Commandments?

(Exodus 31:18)

What structure did the Lord command the children of Israel to build?

(Exodus 25:8-90)

What special item(s) was/were included in Aaron's breastplate of judgement?

(Exodus 28:30)

What did the children of Israel do to repent of their sins?

(Exodus 30:10)

Why did Moses break the stone tablets that contained the ten commandments?

(Exodus 32:19)

Why were Nadab and Abihu slain by the Lord?

(Leviticus 10:1-2)

How many elders did Moses choose to assist him?

(Numbers 11:16)

When rods were placed in the tabernacle of witness, what grew on Aaron's rod?

(Numbers 17:8)

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