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CERN is located in which country?

From which country was the artist Edvard Munch?

How long had Colonel Gaddafi ruled Libya before his death in 2011?

In 1981, which famous figure was shot by John Hinckley?

In April 2010, a huge oil spill devastating the Gulf of Mexico was caused by the rupturing of which company's oil rig?

In February 2013, who resigned as Pope?

In what year did Swine Flu sweep across the world?

In what year did the Cuban Missile Crisis occur?

In what year did World War II end?

In what year was the color TV introduced?

In what year was YouTube created?

Indira Ghandi was the leader of which country until 1984?

Mahatma Gandhi lived until which year?

Sputnik 1 was launched In what year?

The Live Aid concert took place in London and which US city?

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