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Show off your knowledge of events from the 21st century.

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In 1959, Alaska and which other state joined the USA?

In 1960, which type of medicine was released for the first time in the USA?

In 1967, which type of operation was performed for the first time?

In 2010, how many Chilean miners were trapped underground for a record 69 days?

In what year did Martin Luther King give his "I Have a Dream" speech?

In what year did Prohibition begin?

In what year did Rudy Giuliani become mayor of New York City?

In what year did the Berlin Wall come down?

In what year did the Woodstock Festival take place?

In what year was Nelson Mandela released from prison?

In what year was the Super Bowl first played?

In which country is Chernobyl?

In which country was the 2011 Rugby World Cup held?

On 20 October 2011, Libya's ex-dictator was shot and killed in Sirte. What was his name?

Mikhail Gorbachev was the leader of which country in the 1980s?

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