21st century Quiz 2

It's a quiz all about the 21st century - so what are you waiting for?

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Which social media company floated on the Stock Exchange in 2012?

Which superhero was created during World War II?

Who became UK prime minister in 1997?

Who lost out to Barack Obama in the 2008 US Democratic primary race?

Who sang the national anthem at President Obama's signing in ceremony on Capitol Hill in 2013?

Who served as John F. Kennedy's vice-president?

Who succeeded Fidel Castro as the de facto head of state in Cuba?

Who was Bill Clinton's vice-president?

Who was elected leader of the UK in 2010?

Who was president of France for most of the 1980s?

Who was the editor-in-chief & founder of the Wikileaks website?

Who was the first man to be sent into space?

Who was the President during World War II?

Who won the Best Actor award at the 2009 Oscars?

Black Monday in 1987 refers to which of these areas?

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