2018 754 Review Quiz #3

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Difficulty Easy
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Your client complains of difficulty with getting on and off buses with large steps onto the pavement in the city. Public transportation is your client's only method of community mobility. What is your next step to address this issue?

Your client utilizes a manual wheelchair after his spinal cord injury. His neighborhood does have public transportation in the way of a bus station, but no other services. He is able to get on and off the bus. The bus station is 2 miles from his house in the suburbs. He is unable to drive at this time with an accessible vehicle. Which would be the primary reason he would be eligible for paratransit service?

You are evaluating a client who has difficulty with functional mobility to reach his mailbox located by the street in front of his home. He also casually mentions he finds himself getting tired while grocery shopping. While watching TV, he sees a commercial for the Scooter Store and asks you to help him obtain a scooter through his insurance. Which of the following responses is most accurate?

Your client has dementia and is the late stages where she is unable to weight shift when uncomfortable. She has already developed two decubiti. Which of the following phrases would be most important to include in the Letter of Medical Necessity in order to obtain a proper cushion system?

You are a driving specialist. Your client has difficulty with horizontal ab/adduction while in flexion and wants to return to driving. Which of the following adaptations would be appropriate for your client?

You have identified your client as needing a high tech device. Which of the following is accurate regarding high tech?

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