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Which bearded lady won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest for Austria?

The video to which song by a South Korean musician became an Internet sensation in 2012?

Which American television series, in which a season consisted of one frantic day in the life of Federal Agent Jack Bauer, ended its original run in 2010?

2010 was the 30th anniversary of the Brit Awards. Who won for Male Solo Artist?

Which 2010s album has been revealed to be the best-selling album of the 21st century to date?

On March 13th 2013, Pope Francis was elected – from which country does he come?

Which UK newspaper close in 2011?

In 2010 Cadbury chocolate was brought by the US giant Kraft Food, but for how much?

In 2012, London hosted the Summer Olympics. Saturday 4 August was so great it was renamed Super Saturday, but how many events did Team GB win gold in that day?

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