16th & 17th century

A quiz to put your 16th and 17th history brain under scrutiny.

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Questions 15
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Which country led the Mayflower to America?

Hernán Cortés presented which bean to the Europeans after his conquests?

Emperor Jiajing ruled in which country?

Jacques Cartier claimed which part of Canada for France?

The Spanish Inquisition attempted to maintain the dominance of which religion?

In 1536, which Argentinean city was founded by Pedro de Mendoza?

Francisco de Orellana explored which river, found in South America?

Akbar the Great ruled over which country?

Sir Francis Bacon was an advocate of which "method"?

What was Queen Mary of England's nickname?

The Spanish mainly colonized which part of what would come to be the United States?

John Calvin, who founded Calvinism, was influential in which field?

Jacques Cartier discovered which country?

Mount Vesuvius erupted in which country in 1631?

The Salem witch trials of 1692 occurred in which US state?

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