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#Brno city quiz

What do you know about Brno?

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Brno is the best, but not the largest city in the Czech Republic, it is Prague. So then Brno must be the ______ largest city in the country.

Number one sport in Brno right now is ice hockey without any doubt. Our gladiators in blue won the league in last two seasons. What is the name of our beloved team?

In Brno, we travel by tram a lot. But we do not call it a "tramvaj" like in other Czech cities. What is the right term for tram used by the locals?

Now focus. City of Brno owns it's Coat of arms. Pick the real one.

This statue in city centre is a popular portal. It's called "Justice" and nicknamed "Executor confiscating a washing machine". What movie was an inspiration for the author?

The Masaryk circuit, now referred to as the Brno Circuit, is hosting annual world famous motorsport event, among the others. How are the series called?

This statue is an original interpretation of:

The Brno Dam is popular recreation area where you can visit annual fireworks competition. Since 1950's, there is something unique about this water reservoir, pick the right answer.

We believe you are now familiar with this landmark of Brno. What is it about Petrov that is sooo crazy but it's true.

A Czech poet and journalist Rudolf Těsnohlídek was a founder of a tradition of giant christmas tree on a city square, where you could find a box for charity contributions. His inspiration was in Copenhagen, so people from Denmark came here in 1924 and helped him to start a tradition. This was a:

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