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Tool for creating quizzes and surveys

Get opinions from users through the surveys that you can add to your sites. Test your knowledge in quizzes that will beat your brain. When it is time to relax, have fun with your friends and entertain yourself.

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With Quiz Editor you can create surveys due to which you get opinions and feedback to your questions. It can be a simple question or complete survey with multiple pages and questions.

Knowledge quizzes

Create knowledge quizzes that test knowledge of the users with Quiz Editor. Create questions in the simple editor, set the correct answers, final criteria for passing the test and share it with friends.

Funny quizzes

Quiz Editor allows to create funny quizzes like "Which superhero are you?" which according to answers of the user displays the selected result. Ideal for funny quizzes of all categories.

Instant fun

Have fun with thousands of quiz questions in 20 different categories from history through math to politics in quizzes that give you nothing for free

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For your success and activity in QuizEditor, we reward you with nice badges which appear on your profile.

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Embeded quiz

Brighten and make your page more attractive by Quiz Editor due to the possibility to insert a quiz into your own page. Customize the color, style, generate the code and simply paste it on the page.

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Quiz competitions with friends

Have fun with knowledge quizzes together with your friends and compare your score in real time online. Creating an online competitive quiz takes only few seconds, it is very simple and you can play with your friends straight away.

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Quiz Editor

On-line tool for creating quizzes

Drag and drop

Quiz Editor is easy to control, thanks to drag and drop function you can move questions and answers freely and thus create quizzes of different difficulty and structure.

Social networks

Share interesting quizzes on your favourite social networks


Stir up passionate debates and share interesting quizzes with your friends, all in one place thanks to chat system Disqus.

Mobile version

Quiz Editor also on mobile and tablet, create and play quizzes on your favorite mobile devices anywhere, anytime.


Quiz Editor displays statistics of your quiz answers according to type in appropriate graphs. In a knowledge quiz according to percentage of success in a bar graph, in funny quizzes you will see statistics in a radar graph.

Notifications and friends activity

You will always be informed when users use your quiz, you'll know if they succeed and what score they achieved. You will also receive notification when your friends or favorite users create a quiz.