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2000's Quiz 4

The start of the new millennium - what do you remember about the 2000s?

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"American Idol" runner up Bo Bice released what song in 2005?

"No One Knows" was a hit for what rock band?

Dave Grohl is the frontman for what rock band?

How many weeks did Lady Gaga's hit song "Poker Face" stay number one on the Billboard chart?

What 'N Sync member went solo with the hit song "Cry Me A River"?

What "American Idol" winner sang the hit song "Do I Make You Proud"?

What artist did Weird Al Yankovic do a parody of with the song "Trapped in the Drive-Thru"?

What artist got Weird Al Yankovic's parody treatment with the song "Trash Day"?

What band had a song that spent the most number of weeks at number one on the Billboard charts in the 2000s?

What band released singles such as "Wake Up" and "Rebellion (Lies)"?

What band released the song "Party Like a Rockstar"?

What boy band sang on the song "Thank God I Found You" with Mariah Carey?

What country singer found himself back on the airwaves in the 2000s with "Hurt"?

What country singer performed the song "Before He Cheats"

What country singer sang the song "Alcohol"?

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